Katherine Thorn, LPC
Low-Carb Diet + Support Group = Weight Loss
program is for you. If your are ready to lose weight,
this eight week program is for you. If your are ready
to lose weight, this eight week

This program will jumpstart your weight loss with
three components:

  • Evidence-based low-carb diet.
  • Innovative collaboration of Wellness Coach
    and Therapist to address topics such as
    preparation, emotional eating, hunger cues,
    managing your environment and other issues
    for successfully meeting your goals.
  • Group for support and accountability.

Where: Church St. NE Suite 217 Vienna VA
When: Mondays from 11:30 to 12:45
Cost: $425 includes 8 weekly meetings and
supportive materials, such as readings, hand-outs,
and notebook.

This is a highly unique collaboration between a
licensed therapist and wellness coach-nurse
practitioner who will base their program on the
evidence in Gary Taube's work (http://garytaubes.
com/), who is the New York Times science writer
and author of
Why We Get Fat and What to Do
About It
There is no need to purchase the book (although it
is a good read). We will provide all relevant
readings to you. Katherine and Eileen, the group
facilitators have been successful themselves in
losing weight using this program. Moreover, they
are skilled at getting people to look at the
underlying emotional component of overeating.
What they want most of all is to help and support
people to live their lives to the fullest in the
healthiest bodies possible.
Weight Loss Success Program is designed to
help people successfully lose weight and maintain
weight loss without weigh-ins or gimmicks. The
program is limited to only eight members. A $100
deposit is required to hold the space. Please
call Katherine or Eileen to reserve your spot.

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Weight Loss Success Program
Eileen's Experience:
"I had been trying to reduce my
abdominal fat, lowering calories and
over-exercising and nothing seemed to
work. Restricting calories made me
hungrier and I was not able to sustain
calorie reduction for very long. When I
started to pay more attention to
glycemic index and how my insulin
levels were responding, I began to
notice a huge shift. Reducing carbs
meant I wasn't hungry and the
unwanted pounds came off easily. Now
a low-carbohydrate lifestyle is my
solution to managing my weight and
the science behind it is compelling."

Katherine's Experience:
"I decided to try the low-carb diet after
reading Gary Taube's book. I wanted to
lose some weight around my middle. I
was also interested in stabilizing my
blood-sugar. Before trying the diet I
would try to eat less, then be overly
hungry and make poor food choices.
Those days I found that my mood was
going up and down. The low-carb diet
worked well for me. I wasn't hungry and
it felt good to eliminate all the sugar I
had been eating. It was also nice to be
able to eat out without much difficulty."
Weight Loss Success Program