Katherine Thorn, LPC
The search for answers is one of the most
important challenges, as well as one of the
greatest opportunities, of your twenties.  
Overwhelming choices, self-doubt and fear of
failure can make facing all these questions a
daunting prospect.  Your twenties don't have
to be all about stress, frustration, doubt and
disappointment.  Rather, this time can be a
great opportunity for self-discovery,
self-fulfillment and self-actualization.

I can help you find your own path through the
changes, choices and challenges you face.  As
your guide, mentor and coach, I can
objectively identify your strengths, assist you
in sorting through options, and support you in
taking risks.  Click here to see current

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Providing Counseling for Growth and Change
"Nothing happens
until you make it happen."
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