Katherine Thorn, LPC
Often the loss of a pet is minimized and
misunderstood by family, friends and
co-workers.  I offer pet loss and bereavement
services to help you cope with your grief.  When
your pet dies you may have a variety of feelings
like confusion, anger, guilt and relief.  Grieving
is a natural response to losing someone we love.

I can help you cope with all your feelings of loss
and provide suggestions for taking care of
yourself and your family.  I offer individual
sessions and short-term support groups for
pet loss.  

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Providing Counseling for Growth and Change
"Katherine helped me
through the very painful and
pointed loss I felt after the
death of my 14 year old
siamese cat, `Nicoli.'"
Katherine Thorn
501 Church St.
Suite 217
Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 288-9595
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Pet Loss and Grieving Counseling
Pet Loss and Grieving Counseling
Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in Pet loss
Vienna VA Counselor with Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselor Training