Katherine Thorn, LPC
I love working with people who have the
courage to take risks and acknowledge that they
want to make changes in their lives.  I am
passionate about helping people figure out what
they want and then making those desires reality.  
I whole-heartedly believe in the power of therapy
to help people improve their lives.

For those who have never been in therapy, I
invite you to experience for yourself the
incredible healing and growth you can achieve
within the therapeutic relationship.  You can
change your life by having an ally to enhance
your perspective, sort through options, and
implement your new insights.

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Providing Counseling for Growth and Change
Katherine Thorn
501 Church St.
Suite 217
Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 288-9595
"I can help you find
your way through life's
transitions, challenges
and crises."

-- Katherine Thorn, LPC
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About Katherine
Katherine Thorn, Licensed Professional Counseler
Katherine Thorn, Licensed Professional Counselor located in Vienna VA
"Nothing happens
until you make it happen."