Couples Counseling

Relationship and Couples Counseling

Counseling services to help repair and improve relationships

Sometimes couples get stuck in ways of interacting that leave them feeling
disconnected and hurt.  Often people need help from a third party to get out of
those negative dynamics.  Couples counseling is a place to work on improving the
closeness between you and your partner.  We do that by talking about problems
that arise, learning to communicate more effectively, practicing new ways of
interacting, and developing growing intimacy and deeper connection.  Both people
attend sessions together.  Couples counseling is helpful for working out specific
issues or simply to improve a relationship.  Sometimes couples come to
counseling to work through whether or not to end the relationship.  In all cases,
we work together to build understanding and respect for the unique perspective
of each partner.

Consider couples counseling if you want to:

  • Fight less or fight fair
  • Improve your communication
  • Have a better relationship
  • Figure out whether to stay in a relationship or not

What Can I Do To Learn More about Couples Counseling?

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