Career Counseling

Find the career path that is right for you

Do you:
•        Wake up every morning dreading the work day?
•        Constantly think about changing careers?
•        Feel like you could be doing something more rewarding?
•        Feel like you are wasting your talent?

If you feel unhappy in your job or career it will impact all other parts of your life. We spend half of our waking
hours at work, so it's worth some time and effort to make sure you are on the right path.

Individuals can get “stuck” on a career for various reasons and do not know how to make a career change and
even more so do not know what career change is right for them. Career counseling is that small step in the
right direction to a career that is rewarding in all aspects of your life.

In career counseling you learn about your interests, strengths, and talents - what you want and what you do
best. Next we develop a plan to pursue them, and lastly you get the support you need to achieve your career

Career Assessments

I offer two career assessments and evaluations to provide more information about your professional identity:

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - how do you perceive the world and make decisions

  • The Strong Interest Inventory -  an assessment that gives insight into what your interests are to be
    used in deciding appropriate career fields.

What Can I Do To Learn More about Career Counseling or set up a consultation?

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